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Friedensdorf / Village de la paix / Peace Village

Surrounded by forests and mountains, rivers and lakes, the Peace Village is situated in a calm and idyllic place in the beautiful region of Gruyère. It comprises three houses, a chapel, and a large playground encompassed by lush vegetation. In addition to a dormitory with 50 beds, a big kitchen, a big dining room, as well as multifunctional rooms for seminars, its modern infrastructure allows for the organization of celebratory events or seminars on various topics. A big hall with a stage even enables the staging of plays.

At the same time, the Peace Village stands for an idea: Peacebuilding. Primarily, it is our aim to offer constructive strategies intended for the solving of conflicts related to violence or racism. A program dedicated to prevent potential escalations of such conflicts is run and hosted by our association and pertains to both children and adults, with a focus on adolescents. This service brings together people from all across the range of nationalities, ages, religions and races in order to enable a communicative exchange of ideas so as to encourage the practice of tolerance. In short, we simulate peace.

The Peace Village is an attempt to learn how to put peace into practice

It is a workshop on the practical and creative search for peace. For us, peace is a journey, a process which can be initiated everywhere and at any time.

Since peace neither grows on trees nor is there a guaranteed recipe for its lasting creation, it has to be learnt. Though it is extremely demanding, peace can be acquired through practice and explanation. Together we are willing to face this challenge.

An important aspect of Peacebuilding is its approach by virtue of non-violence. By working in groups with adolescents, we can experience the multifaceted nature of violence in order to discover strategies for its prevention. Hence, the first step towards peace can only be made by people who are made aware of the mechanisms, the causes and the consequences of violence. In doing so, we offer alternative actions to counter violent tendencies in everyday situations.

International Civilian Service-Camp:

Would you like to travel to Switzerland in order to work and meet other people from across the world?

We organize work camps for interested people who would like to spend 1 or 2 weeks in Broc, Switzerland, as part of an international team of volunteers. While being housed in our dormitory where you will be socializing with other participants, the main focus of the program lies on one or multiple socially worthwhile projects. These projects engage in areas ranging from landscape development, renovation and construction, to youth work. Occasional excursions will provide you with a long-lasting and educative impression of the magnificent region of Gruyère.

Interested? Contact us now under the following link.

Pictures of the latest SCI work camp can be found here.


Region of Gruyère

The Peace Village is surrounded by the beautiful land- and waterscapes of the region of Gruyère. Click here for a few pictures. Alternatively, the following link provides you with some photographs of the Peace Village.


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